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Application form

Please send the completed and signed application to KSP.
Application form in PDF for download (you can fill in the application in a PDF browser).

Information on membership fees

Membership fees for 2020 and others:
A member from the Czech Republic 500 CZK / year basic contribution, for the second family member (husband/wife, a child under 18, spouse) plus 20 CZK without the right to the magazine.
A member over 75 years 400 CZK / year.
A member from the Slovak Republic 800 CZK / year, for the second member of the family plus 60 CZK without the right to a magazine,
Other countries 45 € / year – includes a fee for seed exchange (1 collection).
For the second family member plus 5 € without the right to a magazine and another collection from the seed exchange.

Other membership benefits:
Skalničky magazine, including the club newsletter 4 times a year – free of charge.

Club shows – reduced admission.

Seed exchange (1x per year) fee for 1 collection / members of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic 100 CZK/.

Lectures (up to 5 times a year) admission 20 CZK per person.

Domestic and foreign tours / price according to the location/.

Club meeting – two to three weekend days in the Czech Republic / price according to the location /.

Publications (membership premiums) – when issued free of charge, or for the membership price.

Rental of publications from the library – free of charge.

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