Rock Gardeners Club Prague, z. s. is an interest organisation that brings together people interested in learning about mountain flora and growers of rock gardens, forest and aquatic plants and dwarf trees. At present, it is the largest rock garden club in the Czech Republic with a minimum of 600 members, of which one-tenth are foreign members.

Rock Gardeners Club Prague (KSP) is a voluntary union of members registered in the Federal Register persuant to Act No. 304/2013 Coll. Its mission is to contribute to the qualified development of growing and learning about rock gardens and other plants and to use the knowledge gained in creating the environment.

Among the activities of KSP, the most famous exhibitions to the public are held three times ayear in on Charles Square in the area of ​​two gardens between the Faust House and the Church of St. Jana Na Skalce.

KSP regulary organises lectures on rock gardening from home and abroad.

An important activity of the club is the publication of a quarterly magazine – Skalničky, which is distributed to members and interested people all over the world. It includes the club Newsletter and for foreign readers its brief content in English is inserted. KSP irregulary publishes professional publications – membership premiums. A well-equipped professional library is available for members.

Every year, with the help of foreign members, there is a regular club exchange of plant seeds. Interested people can choose from more than 1500 types of seeds.

Every year, KSP organises domestic and foreign tours and several-day meetings of members in various places in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia with lectures and exploring a specific location. Representatives of KSP participate in the annual meeting of Czech and Slovak rock garden clubs.

Most KSP events are also open to the general public.

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