Rock Gardeners Club Prague presents Index Seminum – list of plant seeds for 2019 – 2020 (Index). This list contains an overview of the seeds offered by our club members.

We thank all who have sent seeds for exchange. This allowed other rock gardeners to expand their range of cultivated plants.

As every year, we verified the names of all the items you supplied using the available literature and the Internet. Clear corrections were made, we left unverified names in the Index unchanged and marked +. And again, we ask donors to check the names of the plants whose seeds are being exchanged, so we can avoid mistakes in future exchanges! Unfortunately, this year we had the same mistakes again, not only spelling but also factual ones, that were corrected in the lists of donated seeds already in previous years. If you do not agree with the correction, please let us know why you insist!

We would like to thank everyone who has sent a readable list of donated seeds in alphabetical order. And even bigger thanks goes to those who sent the list electronically. This – a trifle for you for sure – greatly facilitated the processing of the Index on a computer. For successful exchange, it is necessary to keep deadlines for sending seeds. The instructions are published annually in the autumn issue of Skalničky.

For the next year, we would welcome sending lists electronically again, preferably in Excel.

Names of donors, respectively their numbers, in the order shipments arrived, are traditionally listed after the Latin name of the plant.

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Index_SEMINUM-2019-2020 ke stažení v PDF

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